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Advertising umbrella---- a good helper for a company’s promotion
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Advertising umbrella as a modern new adverting carrier, has the following charateristic: big flowability, bright-colored, good vision, unlimited design pattern, good-looking, functional, high quality, low price, and it is the main form for a company’s advertising campaign.Advertising umbrella can be imprinted with a company’s LOGO and corporate advertising .Advertising umbrella has many advantages: 

First : big mobility: wherever the advertising umbrella goes, your advertising will appear there.

Second: inexpensive: low investment, quick manufacturing process, deep impression for consumers.

Third:  multipurpose: advertising umbrella can be used to block wind in windy days and to block rain in rainy days and as a sunshade in a sunny day! And it is an indispensable daily necessity for all people;

The fourth: advertising time is long: advertising umbrella has long life, it is a long-term advertising for businesses,and it is a reliable way to advertise. There are many types of advertising umbrella: advertising gifts umbrella, sun umbrella, two fold, three fold advertising umbrella,children's advertising umbrella, curved handle advertising umbrella, gift civilian umbrella, bottle umbrella, classic bottle umbrella,straight handle umbrella , curved handle umbrella, transparent umbrella, couple umbrella, children umbrella, two, three, four, five folding umbrell, pencil umbrella, golf umbrella, rotation umbrella, patent fan umbrella, solar umbrella, flashlight umbrella, wooden umbrella, leisure pavilion, motorcycle umbrella. Advertising gifts umbrella can print your creativity, design onto the umbrella surface, can be printed double-sided, four, lifelike images clear, never fade, and it is a good gift for holiday celebrations, marketing and promotion of the company. With the accelerating pace of life and competition pressures increasement, more and more people are facing unemployment, while a street vendor industry is growing up. This brings the development of the advertising umbrella, regardless of a rainy day or sunny day, we need an advertising umbrella which can be used to block sun and rain.

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