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En-toutcas is not suitable for sun protection---selecting parasols is methodical
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As the weather is becoming hotter and hotter, parasol is a necessity to take with when people go out. There are a lot of kinds of parasols in the market,different material and price, choosing a useful"parasol" is a skilled job. Specifically you can refer to the following points:

First, take a closer look at the protection grade identification. According to relevant regulations, only UPF ( ultraviolet protection numerical ) is greater than 30 and UVA’s( UVA) transmission rate is less than 5%, can this product be called the UV protection products; when UPF is greater than 50, this is an excellent UV protection product, identified as UPF50+. According to the situation of the sunlight, select the appropriate parasol

Second, carelly exam the parasol’s cover material, size and color. In general, cotton, silk, nylon and rayon have an poor anti ultraviolet performance, and the polyester is better, and satin fabric is best, and second is the twill and plain weave, sparse fabric textile is poor.Because the fabric has shrink characteristics, the parasol’s cover should be large instead of small. Under the same condition, the darker of the fabrics, the better of the anti-ultraviolet ability, we should select the black, navy blue, dark green.

Third, try to know the fabric’s processing technology. Most parasols in the mareket have a silver coated fabric cover which can block some uv. But some cheap paraols have only one layer of silver, a few times sunshine will make the fabric fade, so we should select the parasol with the silver layer inside the umbrella.

Fourth, distinguish the use of en-toutcas and pay attention to maintenance. Generally speaking,en-toutcas is not suitable for sunshade. Parasols are frequently affected by the acidic and alkaline substances in the rain water, coating layer is aging,which will reduce the effect of anti-UV. Also wet umbrella is not suitable for anti-UV, UV transmittance will increase with wet umbrella, protective effect is reducing.

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