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The use of golf umbrella
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We can always see golf umbrellas in golf court and speedway. The characteristic of golf umbrella is big! Normal size is between 25 inches and 32 inches. As people begin to know the advantage of this umbrella, good looking, good result of sunshade and rain, golf umbrella is becoming more and more popular, widely used in luxury hotel, club, residence and villa.

The selection of the material for golf umbrella is dainty, frame is alwayss made of elastic fiberglass which is not easy to break by the big wind. Some are made of metal ribs which will break after a little while, so we don’t suggest metal ribs! The fabric of golf umbrella always uses high end umbrella fabric, like 190T silver-coated nylon and 190T pongee fabrfic, using this fabric will make the cover smooth, water will come off easily after wet. 190T silver-coated nylon has a anti-UV function which will protect you from hot sunlight. 190T pongee fabric feels soft, looks very high quality. The handle of golf umbrella is usually made of EVA( called foam), the handfeel is good, but it is easy to mildew after wet without drying, some are made of plasitc or wood , but the best is rubber(cost is 2 or 3 dollars more), hardness is moderate and it is very comfortable when holding in the hand.

There are many styles about golf umbrella, mainly straight manual, straight auto and 2-section auto, advertising golf umbrella, two-layer golf umbrella and etc. Since the umbrella is big and when the wind is big, it is not easy to hold the umbrella for small-strength people, especially girls and women. Now this problem solved, people made 2-layered umbrella, then it can both block rain and wind. Some even made 2-layered frame, like Chinese pavilion, wind can go through, but rain cannot go in, it is really a good design!

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