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Three methods to choose a good quality umbrella
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The selection of a qualified umbrella may seem easy, but it is very difficult. There are so many kinds of umbrellas in the market, some parasols with lace edge, some with hand embroidery,  some with thick silver coating, it is really hard to select a good parasol. In fact, the function is the most important thing, especially to choose a parasol with UV protection, it is not enough to pay attention to becautiful pattern and portability, mainly we should try to know its sun protection function and the various functions of the umbrella, how to see the trademark ... explanation below:
Method 1: check the appearance of umbrellas.
The umbrella must be strong. In general, the umbrella has 6-16 ribs, the more ribs the umbrella has, the stronger the umbrella can block wind.Turn the umbrella top to see the adaptation, for stick umbrella, for example, the umbrella top is made of plastic or metal, plastic umbrella top is easy to crack after a long time’s rain and insolation; metal umbrella top is easy to rust. When you purchase, you can turn a little with your fingers, if you can rotate, the density is poor, and come off easily. Under the umbrella top also has a metal ring, called ferrule, you can also rotate the ferrule to see if it is strong, if the ferrule is nailed with a rivet, it is better.When you purchase the umbrella, it is better to pull the umbrella shaft and ribs several time. Umbrella handle is also very important, you can pull the umbrella handle many times to know if it is strong enough. For folding umbrella, the shaft and ribs are easy to lock, so you should test umbrella many times. If it is smooth, the umbrella is good quality,if it is locked, the quality is not good! In addition, children's umbrella is optional for children, bright colors is the best choice. mainly cause the driver's attention, to ensure the safety of children, such as yellow, strong yellow visibility.
Method 2:  anti-UV coating does not mean all
First, we must know how to read the label. Mainly look at the index of protection, UPF and UVA values, only the UPF is more than 40, and the UVA transmittance is less than 5%, can the umbrella be called anti-UV products, the greater the UPF value is, the better the performance of its UV protection is. Generally, identified as "UPF50 +”  protection function is good enough.
Second, anti-UV fabric is divided into two kinds of coated and uncoated, It is not necessary that coated is better than non-coated. Two years ago most sun resistant products have a silver layer which can reflect and block some UV directly. However, the quality of the silver layer is different, some are good, some are bad, some umbrella silver layer comes off easily after several sunlights
Third, for the same brand and samefabric products, darker-color fabric is better than light-colored fabric conerning the UV protection properties. Check the fabric in the room, facing the light, the clearer, the worse
Method 3: expensive must be good?
The Beijing Consumers' Association recently tested parasols in Beijing market. The result is striking. A lot of famous brand parasols which price is more than one hundred dollars failed. Apparently, price and quality of the umbrella is not proportional. Also, please take care of the product tag, packaging and shopping vouchers, so that quality problems can be effectively solved to maintain your  legal rights.

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